Electricians Marketing Their Business Using The Internet

They say customer retention is so critical that growing it by 5% will lead to a 25-95% increase in income. However, before the retention of clients, the acquisition plays a major part in the business operation. Marketing strategies like cold calling, flyers distribution, etc. were shown to be effective, but would require too much time and expense. Some claim that cold calling is already dead. Since consumers are now more empowered, more than 70% of purchasing decisions have already been made prior to receiving an unsolicited call from a salesperson. On the other hand, flyers distribution is still used; statistics show that 57% of people who received an addressed mail opened it the day it arrived while 5% of people read or at least glanced at the door dropped flyers. If not done properly, too many leaflets will end up in the bin with you wasting money.

In this day and age, marketing your business digitally is the best way to reach potential customers. According to 2020 statistics, over 4.5 billion of human population on the planet were active internet users. More than 5 billion people owns mobile phones, which accounts for 91% of the total number of active internet users. These figures are indicators of boundless online marketing potential.

Digital Marketing For Electricians 

Tradesmen, like electricians, are generally seen in action tending to the needs of their clients. Some may even be working from midnight to the dawn of weekends and holidays for emergency services. No matter how busy electricians could be, marketing of their business should never be set aside. All thanks to the brilliant mind of Tim Berners-Lee and his team, who launched the World Wide Web project in 1991, which was the beginning of all things digital. Now, electricians can promote their services such as security camera installation online that could reach their target market in no time. People use their mobile phones in search all the products and services they need, especially in the event of emergency, which is why the online presence of electricians is so important. One big mistake an electrician might commit is not owning a website!

Two effective ways electricians could market their business are through SEO and Social Media.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most effective forms of marketing available today with over trillions of searches being conducted every year. SEO seeks to optimise a website by improving both on-page and off-site SEO elements in an effort to increase positioning in the major search engines for particular keywords or phrases. By focusing on valuable keywords, electricians will be able to selectively target highly qualified leads and showcase their products and services for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Social Media is the voice, ears and opinion generator of the global community in which electricians’ products and services are consumed. What sets social media management apart from other forms of marketing communication is the speed and ease with which information flows via online social media. There are over 4 billion active social media users each year, and through social media channels, electricians can make their business more visible to their target market.

There are far more ways that electricians can market their business online that have proven to be successful. It is recommended that digital marketing agencies for electricians and tradies be consulted in order to know which platform/s will be most effective for the business.