Are Online Betting Sites Revolutionising the Web?

The first online casino popped up in 1994, online betting sites followed soon after.  In 2005, online betting is a major worldwide industry with more than $100 billion in wagers across different operational sites. The fast growth of the betting industry is attributed to technological innovation. Online betting started from basic sports bets taken on dial up connection. Today online betting can be made on actual event from mobile devices. This shift convinces people that gambling is exciting and accessible. The gaming industry has evolved over the years by applying innovation. The online betting sites are revolutionising the web. By using technology and development, the gaming industry reinvent itself to survive long term. Online betting sites around the world are applying innovation so that they will not be left behind.

In the later part of the year 2000 the iPhone offered punters the ability to use the internet for online gaming. In-play betting allows punters to follow sports game and place bets on individual events within the game in real time. Online betting sites quickly embrace the mobile technology for their digital marketing. Mobile betting bookmakers provide apps to be downloaded on the smartphone. The apps are easy to use and very simple to operate. Navigating the site is uncomplicated and potential winnings are clearly stated on the screen. The ease of use made mobile betting popular to seasoned punters. The ability to keep with the changing trends propels the betting sites to maintain profitability.

Mobile betting is a game changer, it become the future of gambling. It completely changed the way people engage in gambling by providing convenience of making bets from wherever the person is, even when they are on the move. Mobile betting apps increase online betting’s appeal with bookmaker free bets. Bookmakers are using new gimmick to drive traffic with things like incentives, free bets and bonus bets. Mobile betting is expected to reach over 40% of the total online gambling market by 2018.

Online betting sites are revolutionising the web by utilising technological innovations. Online betting sites are employing specialist to do system and usability testing on multiple device platforms such as Android, iPhone and Windows. Innovation is vital to ensure better customer experience. Interactive devices with touch change the nature of the games and the way players interact with the games. The convergence of technology combines content gambling with video games elements. This blurs the boundaries between gambling and gaming. The excitement it gives increase the level of engagement among users.

Online betting sites are introducing social gaming.  It is the integration of gaming, gambling and social media. The multi-media integration combines excitement, enjoyment and sociability. Online betting apps with gaming and social elements tap into human happiness by providing pleasure, socialisation and sense of accomplishment. Gambling type games on Facebook like Texas Hold’Em Poker have more than 25 million players worldwide. Wagering on social media replicates real-world betting behaviour. Mobile betting sites are creating tailored personal experience across all channels. Bookmakers are collecting data from consumers’ online behaviour and in-store habits to create a holistic personal profile. Personalisation platforms are fast and responsive to adapt to the fluctuating odds. Giving personal customer experience ensures they meet consumer expectation.

New ideas keep the online betting industry evolving. William Hill’s customer will soon be able to enjoy an enhanced betting experience through the use of virtual reality.  Punters can now immerse themselves in 3-D horse race and experience life as jockey. This innovative new technology will enhance the thrill of the ride to the younger audience. Online betting sites are using the cutting edge technology with the help of talented technology teams to maintain their infrastructure. Innovations in online betting sites make customers experience uniquely compelling.