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Forbidden Pleasures Outline the Online Style So Well

Forbidden Pleasures Outline the Online Style So Well

The Guardian reported that in the United Kingdom, porn sites get more online traffic compared with social networking sites (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), shopping websites or news agencies.  According to the article, 8.5 percent of online clicks are directed to legal porn sites. This figure even exceeded the worldwide average of Internet traffic on porn sites, which is 7.7 percent. Additionally, research shows that the most popular porn site in the world gets at least 4 billion page views and 350 million unique visitors monthly. These statistics lead to the question “What makes porn so popular?.”

Back in the days, pornography was expensive. Albeit being legal in most parts of the world, interdictions, regulation and certain constraints on distribution of pornographic materials contribute to the cost of porn streaming. Before the Internet era, porn can only be viewed on cinemas or privately through videotapes and CDs. When Internet was introduced, porn makers seize it as an opportunity to expand their business and go digital. In fact, by year 2000, at least 3,000 porn sites were active online.

Pornography is a profitable industry since there is high demand for it. Just create a site with loads of adult content, integrate a billing software and voila, you can now earn money easily. As the Internet speed got faster, porn makers invested more on clips and movies tackling sex or adult themes. Prostitution also became digital. In fact, online escorts illuminate how the digital format delivers exceptional results for these businesses.

Top Porn Websites

If you’ll ask Alexa, a subsidiary of Amazon that monitors and tracks web traffic across the globe, XVideos is the most visited porn site, followed by xHamster and PornHub. The combined worth of these three sites is a whopping $116 million. Other more familiar porn sites that made it to the Top 10 are Redtube, YouPorn,Youjizz and Tube 8, each valued for at least $3 million.

The popularity of porn sites has reached even the conservative Muslim countries. Huffington Post reported that porn sites are among the most visited sites in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia. Even some religious people in the Vatican City are downloading porn using torrent. Interestingly, The Economist showed the top searched porn terms in some countries. These include lesbian in the United States, teen in Canada, wife in Japan, anal in Russia and mom in Egypt.

Feel-Good Website Design is the 2016 Way

Feel-Good Website Design is the 2016 Way

When putting up your own website, you have to think about contents that can generate a lot of web traffic. To do this, business owners usually employ SEO optimisation. That being said, web designers should also consider the overall appeal and aesthetic of the website itself. One of the most important elements that have to be taken into account in web designing is the choice of colour palette. Your colour preference will set the total feel of your website. For instance, there are feel-good website designs that can turn a normally stressful subject, such as people’s bad credit history, into something inviting and engaging.

Probably the most straightforward and advantageous mode of conveying your message is through colours or your use of colours. Let us take a look at the choice of colours and organic layouts of as an example. When you visit their website, you will be greeted with a warm welcome from the site’s calming green background and austere images. Green represents nature and progress. Even if the website deals with stressful and worrying topics, its colour setting makes debt consolidation or credit management seem an easy pursuit.

The Not-So-Hidden Secret to a Successful Website

The effect of a website’s colour setting to humans can be explained by colour psychology. Even if some sceptics are indifferent to this concept, colour psychology is actually a part of behavioural psychology and explains how colours influence the human behaviour. As a matter of fact, a peer reviewed journal article concluded that between 62 percent and 90 percent of customer interaction is influenced by the product’s colour.

Going back to Australian Lending Centre’s webpage, you will notice that their webpage used a lot of green hues. Actually, the colour green also corresponds to money. Since ALC deals with money, the company utilised the right colour on their website.

Green is also associated with hope and growth. Even if you’re in a debt situation that looks as if you won’t be able to get out of it, ALC’s website will give you hope that there is a solution to your problem. Consequently, you will grow and be wise on how you’ll spend your money in the future. Isn’t it amazing that all of these things can be reflected just by using the right colour?

This 2016, there is a new way on how websites will look good and feel good. Just by using the right mix of colours and designs, businesses can successfully convey their message on their websites. But remember that you have to use the right colour in the right way, at the right time and for the right reasons.

Keep Your Online Gaming Profile Private

Keep Your Online Gaming Profile Private

Over the years, we have seen the continued development and evolution of almost everything because of technological advancements and the Internet. In the world of gaming, computer games nowadays can virtually connect different players. Regardless of the gaming consoles or electronic gadgets you are using, the Internet can link you with other gamers and initiate a battle or competition with them. However, most online games require participants to create an identity or a gamer tag. This is where security concerns rise. In fact, Kaspersky said that the increasing popularity of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) and other Internet gaming platforms draws the attention of cybercriminals.

When players create their gamer tags, they should remember to separate their gaming identity from their other online personas. If they fail to do so, they will be prone to cyber attacks, such as revenge and threats just because they have an awesome online kill streak, and cyber pranks like swatting. Most recruiters also look into all the applicant’s online and social media profiles.

  • Cyber Attacks

If you think that cyber attacks are harmless, think again! Most cyber attackers are looking for revenge. When things get personal, so will the attacks. There are people who become obsessed with their opponents that they really spend a lot of time figuring out who their rivals are in real life. They often resort to sending you hate mails or turning up at your property just to threaten you.

  • Swatting

Coined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), swatting happens when your opponent calls 911 and sends the police or the Special Weapons Attack Team (SWAT) to your doorstep for fake, violent reasons such as hostage crisis and shooting. A lot of swatting episodes took place while gamers are live streaming themselves and their game sessions on Twitch. The idea may seem funny for the pranksters, but swatting is a form of domestic terrorism and can lead to 25 years of federal imprisonment.

  • Job Applications

Trash talking is fairly common especially in heated gaming sessions. We usually say or post things we don’t really mean. There are also game threats involved, which are nonsensical since people play around in a harmless way. However, job applicants should ensure that they are using gaming identities that cannot be traced back at them. Recruiters often look into the background of their potential recruits, including their online presence (e.g. LinkedIn). Therefore, the next time you plan on going crazy on the Internet, use an imaginary cyber tag like GhostKilla2579 or KingReaper49 instead of your real name.